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NATO fighter jets get green light to carry nukes as tension with Russia soars

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The F-35A Joint Strike Fighter has been certified to carry thermonuclear weapons as tensions between Russia and NATO hit a breaking point.

The F-35A fighter jet in action (Image: Getty)

(Written by MATTHEW DOOLEY and CHARLIE BRADLEY, originally published here in Express, republished with permission.)

A NATO stealth fighter has been certified to carry nukes including the terrifying B61-12 thermonuclear gravity bomb as tensions between NATO and Russia hit a boiling point.

The F-35A Joint Strike Fighter has become the first stealth fighter of its class to be green-lit to carry nuclear weapons.

A spokesperson for the F-35 Joint Program Office told Breaking Defence: “The F-35A is the first 5th generation nuclear-capable aircraft ever, and the first new platform (fighter or bomber) to achieve this status since the early 1990s.

“This F-35 Nuclear Certification effort culminates 10+ years of intense effort across the nuclear enterprise, which consists of 16 different government and industry stakeholders.”

They added: “The F-35A achieved Nuclear Certification ahead of schedule, providing US and NATO with a critical capability that supports US extended deterrence commitments earlier than anticipated.​”

The aircraft will now carry nuclear weapons, it has been announced (Image: Getty)

The move comes as tensions between NATO and Russia continue to escalate following Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, Sweden officially joined the NATO alliance, breaking from decades of neutrality.

The country began its process to join shortly after the invasion of Ukraine.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that “unity and solidarity” would be Sweden’s “guiding lights”.

US President Joe Biden added: “NATO stands more united, determined, and dynamic…together with our newest ally Sweden – NATO will continue to stand for freedom and democracy for generations to come.”

Putin made his State of the Union address last week, and used it to warn the West against sending troops to Ukraine.

Now, a Putin ally in the Russian media has suggested three NATO countries that could be hit by nuclear strikes.

State TV host Vladimir Solovyov suggested cities in France, Germany and the US.

Russia expert Julia Davis posted the clip on X, adding: “Pundits on Vladimir Solovyov’s show pontificated which Western cities should be the first to be targeted with nuclear strikes. Some of their top choices: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Hamburg, Munich or Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the United States in general.”