The Mackenzie Institute works to be a key research and information source on Canadian and geopolitical security matters.

About Us:

The Mackenzie Institute, an independent think tank, brings a strategic and pragmatic approach to security matters that affect both domestic and global audiences. The Mackenzie Institute brings together external independent thinking for policymakers, governments, private sector entities, and educational institutions. We propose an open forum for global conversations on the threats and security vulnerabilities we face in order to best advise these various entities.

The Mackenzie Institute is a globally recognized Canadian-based public policy institute for research and comment on issues impacting political and social stability, specifically terrorism, organized violence, and security.

Working with colleagues in the USA, The UK, Israel and other countries, we emphasize a world view on the various topics we cover. Over the last 30 years, we have worked with Canadian government institutions, private sector organizations, educational bodies and other stakeholders to provide a distinct perspective on security matters.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.


From time to time, we publish a varied collection of articles, briefing notes, commentaries, and video interviews – as well as our Security Matters magazine – that are thought provoking, insightful, and relevant.


We hold occasional and local breakfast, luncheon and dinner events, seminars, workshops, and panels presented by subject matter experts providing educational awareness and promoting an open forum discussion among attendees, policy makers, and the security world as a whole.

Advisory Board:

BGen (Ret’d) Garry Thomson
Chief (Ret’d) Bryan LaForme
Colonel (Ret’d) Dr. J. Paul de B. Taillon
Commodore (Ret’d) Bibhu Mohanti
Commodore (Ret’d) Robert Baugniet
Cynthia Ayers
David Harris
Diane Francis
Dr. Christopher Parsons
Dr. Judith Ross
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
Major General (Ret’d) Lewis W. MacKenzie – Honourary Chair
Matthew Gaasenbeek III
Nathan Jacobson
Norman Gardner
Raheel Raza
The Hon. Joe Oliver

Board of Governors:

Allan Bonner
Brennen Schmidt
David McFadden
D.B. Hay – President
Fawn Annan
Jeremy Brett
Gene McLean
Gregory Perkell
Jordon O’Brien
Karsten Arend – Vice President
Lou Milrad – Chair
Mark Decyk
Michael Jordan Halbert – Treasurer
Kathryn Langley Hope
Stuart Wright


The Mackenzie Institute would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support: