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Exclusive! Xi Jinping launched the “Should Return” operation to take over Taiwan

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(Written by Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Originally published here in America Out Loud News, republished with permission.)

Ma Ying-jeou, former president of Taiwan and former chairman of Taiwan’s main opposition, Kuomintang (KMT), is leading a delegation of students from Taiwan to the Chinese mainland from April 1 to 11, “raising hopes that compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will jointly promote cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation in various sectors, and help realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” according to CCP’s Central Propaganda Department.  (

On April 10, Xi Jinping met Ma in Beijing and emphasized the determination of reunification: “There are no knots that cannot be untied, no issues that cannot be discussed, and no force that can separate us” ( Though Xi and Ma called each other “Mr.” during the meeting, Ma Ying-jeou intentionally called Xi “General Secretary” in the speech.

To note, “General Secretary (of CCP)” has significant political meaning for CCP’s officials. As shown in the records of Xi’s classified meetings with his most trustworthy CCP officials, including PLA generals, Ministers in the government, and secretaries of the Provincial Party Committee, all of the officials call Xi “General Secretary” rather than “President” or “Chairman.” BTW, our team has obtained the records exclusively and published part of the contents via Lude Media since Apr 4 ( I will further discuss the records in a future episode of The Voice of Dr. Yan.

In this episode, which aired on Feb 24, with my guest Dr. Hu, I discussed Xi-CCP’s secret “Should Return (当归)” operation aimed at subverting Taiwan and breaking the island chain strategy of the US. Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to China is one of the action steps in the whole operation, and Ma is an important role to hand over Kuomingtan’s party affairs, assets, and resources to the CCP.

According to our sources in Xi’s inner circle, Ma Ying-jeou is also an espionage of CCP’s International Liaison Department (= “covert frontline”) in Taiwan. When Ma calls Xi “General Secretary,” it expresses Ma’s respect for Xi as a secret CCP member.

The “Should Return” Operation was officially launched on January 25, 2024, and will last until this November. In the regular press of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense on that day, the spokesperson Wu Qian announced, “The motherland will be reunified! Taiwan SHOULD RETURN! The PLA always speaks with actions!” (

The “Should Return” operation is composed of four plans:

  1. “Little Should Return (小当归)” plan: It means that the KMT campaign (members and descent), as well as KMT-controlled assets in Taiwan and overseas (including military, police, funds, enterprises, overseas infiltration forces, and so on), have been handed over to the CCP for reunification. KMT would form the United Front with CCP to confront the US and US allies.
  2. “Big Should Return (大当归)” plan: To brainwash local Taiwanese (non-KMT campaign) using the sea goddess Mazu ( Given that most local Taiwanese accept guidance from Mazu, the CCP would manipulate the folk culture organizations and activities to deliver instructions for peaceful reunification via Mazu.
  3. “Ginseng (山参)” plan: Using North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s daughter hostage in Beijing to create instability in Northeast Asia, as I explained in another episode ( and the related article (
  4. “Nanhai Guanine (南海观音)” plan: Nanhai Guanyin is the buddha protecting the South China Sea in Chinese Buddhism (南海观音菩萨/18435254). The codename refers to the U.S. military and bases in the South China Sea (e.g., Okinawa and Philippines), and the plan involves military deterrence using CCP’s Dongfeng-27 nuclear missiles to make the US and US allies intimidated and compromised.

“Taiwan Should Return” has become a popular keyword in Chinese media since January. For example, in a highly promoted short video, “Taiwanese girl Little-Should-Return worships Chairman Mao Zedong in Mao’s hometown” (, a girl named Yiyi (means one-one, implying One-hearted return, the reunification of One China) wearing a Chairman Mao badge and a Chinese flag badge on the military coat, claims to be “Little-Should-Return from Taipei City, Taiwan Province.” To note, “Taiwan Province” is a favorite theme of “Taiwan belongs to Communist China” propaganda. She brings a “gift of Kinmen sorghum alcohol” to worshiping Mao Zedong. The music in the video is the famous “My Chinese Heart” (Cheung Ming-man’s version), which is based on the theme of Taiwan’s return. All the details are well-crafted to deliver secret codes of the operation.

Then, the incident of the death of two fishermen from China in the restricted water of Kinmen occurred on Feb 14, which triggered a serious escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait. To echo the CCP’s performance, the KMT-controlled Kinmen government repeatedly raised their concerns to the Chinese authorities. And KMT leader Eric Chu claimed that Taiwan’s ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), has “an absolute responsibility” to reduce the risk of confrontation between the two sides and to seek dialogue (

On Mar 14, the Taiwan Work Office of the CCP Central Committee announced that the Chinese government “firmly supports the mainland coast guard department in carrying out law enforcement patrols in the waters near Kinmen… The DPP authorities must give an explanation to the families of the victims and compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait as soon as possible. The mainland reserves the right to take further measures, and all consequences will be borne by the DPP authorities.” (

However, evidence shows that the capsized speedboat in the incident is an illegal ship with no ship name, no ship certificate, and no ship registration at the port of registry. Moreover, there was a high-horsepower engine with twin outboard motors on the stern, allowing the ship to travel very fast and evade detection. (年金門近海快艇翻覆事故) Therefore, it is a modified vessel in CCP’s military-civil fusion activities rather than an ordinary fishing boat. Our sources have confirmed that the Kinmen incident is a planned step to facilitate the progress of the “Big Should Return” plan.

By revealing the ongoing secret “Should Return” operation, we hope Taiwan and the United States would keep vigilant against Xi-CCP’s unrestricted warfare tactics, taking the initiative to uphold democracy and freedom.

My colleague in the Yan Research Team – co-author of the three Yan Reports – Dr. ShanChang Hu (MD, PhD.) joined me this week. Dr. Hu is also a biomedical expert who grew up in mainland China, just as I did. Dr. Hu (Twitter @baobaoxiaoliao).

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