In A Dangerous World, Pushing Far-Left Propaganda On Our Military Is A Disastrous Mistake That Puts Our Nation At Risk

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(Written by Spencer Fernando. Originally published here, republished with permission.)

The far-left specializes in demoralizing the Western world. Why the hell would we want that kind of thinking in our military?

In democratic nations, the military is supposed to be an ‘apolitical’ organization. Every military has a semblance of a political ideology, but in democracies that ideology is supposed to be a very broad one that focuses on support for democracy and the rule of law. The military should neither side with any specific political party, nor should it push any kind of far-left or far-right political views.

It should be ‘boring’ politically.

More than that, it should be focused above all on defending the nation.

That’s why it exists.

Anything that weakens the ability of the military to defend our country should be rejected.

Unfortunately, at a time when the risk of a global military conflict is rising fast, the Canadian Armed Forces are being inundated with far-left propaganda that seems almost designed to demoralize those who defend our country.

As reported by the True North Centre, the official Canadian Military Journal is full of far-left ‘woke’ propaganda:

“Nearly every article in the latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal was devoted to critical race theory and disparaging “whiteness” in the military.

With titles like “‘I’m Not Your Typical White Soldier’: Interrogating Whiteness and Power in the Canadian Armed Forces” and “Supporting Military Families: Challenging or Reinforcing Patriarchy?” Canadians might think they were reading radical academic papers and not the Canadian Armed Forces’ official publication.

The articles in the summer 2023 edition assert that the Canadian Armed Forces are inherently founded on the principles of white supremacy, colonialism, and patriarchy.

Academics from unrelated fields such as gender identity and women’s studies advocate for the wholesale adoption of critical race theory to address perceived issues within the military.”

This is not only disgraceful, but it’s also massively destablizing to our ability to build a strong national defence.

First of all, the majority of Canadians are White, and the majority of people who serve in the military are men, so it stands to reason that most of Canadian military history would be about White men. This isn’t some sort of plot or ‘supremacy’ or ‘patriarchy,’ it’s simply the reality of demographics in Canada historically.

To claim that ‘whiteness’ needs to be ‘interrogated’ is blatantly racist, and wouldn’t be tolerated were it directed against any other group.

And, given the fact that Canada is still a majority White country, and given that men are still much more likely on average to join the military than women, what sense does it make to use such racist rhetoric against the group that will comprise the majority of new recruits?

Why would anyone want to even focus on race within the military at all, when the whole point is that everyone puts on the uniform and works together in a common cause to defend our nation, regardless of their race or whether they are a man or a woman?

It’s insanity.

It cannot be understated how much of a danger this is. Under the radical left socialist Trudeau Liberals, our own Military is being used as a platform for far-left social experiments that seem explicitly designed to break the cohesion of the Armed Forces, demoralize potential future recruits, and focus everywhere except building up the strong force that is needed in a dangerous world.

At a time when Russia is shifting their economy more and more towards military production, at a time when China is embarking on a massive rearmament program, and at a time when drone technology makes it easier than ever for terrorist groups and rogue states to cause damage to advanced Western militaries at a low cost, the last thing we can afford is to have our own armed forces be divided and weakened from within.

What Canada needs is a return to Patriotism, to confidence in our Western Values, and to a recognition that our history may not be 100% perfect, but that it is still something we can be proud of. We should be a confident nation, not a guilt-ridden divided nation.

Our military history is incredibly noble, with Canadians having fought and died not only for our own freedom, but for the freedom of others around the globe. We helped stop the rise of fascism and communism, and many Canadians paid the ultimate price to ensure our nation and our values – along with our allies – prevailed.

To call that ‘white supremacy’ or ‘patriarchy’ is a disgusting insult to our military history and to our Veterans, and it should have no place whatsoever in our nation, let alone in an official military journal.

Spencer Fernando