Repost: “Will the Burning of Notre Dame Start a Conversation About Our Future?”

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The excerpt below is from an opinion article written by Dr. Peter Pry for The Newsmax, which originally appeared on April 18, 2019. The original article in its entirety can be read here

The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral during holy week before Easter Sunday shocked the western world, briefly uniting our deeply divided house, temporarily bringing together all political factions, races, classes, sexes and genders, all of us, in grief over destruction of a great icon of Christianity and Western Civilization.

850 years ago, when Notre Dame was built, Medieval minds, who saw messages from God in everything from comets to a fallen sparrow, would interpret destruction of a great cathedral as an ominous sign, a warning from Heaven.

Surely, if people from the Age of Faith who raised Notre Dame could see 850 years into the future, could see what we have become, the great conflagration destroying God’s house would be no mystery to them.

The Age of Science boasts Reason has triumphed over Faith and God is dead. Christianity is hounded from the public square, is silenced, or worse mocked and despised, in our schools, modern art, and entertainment.

Christianity and its child Western Civilization are thought so shameful among “intellectual elites” they would brainwash us into their new faith that is secular humanism, replace Christ with Marx, suborn individualism to collectivism, replace thought with “group think,” confuse the just society with “social justice,” and abandon free markets and free nations for the tyranny of socialism and globalism.

“Small wonder God burned the great cathedral Notre Dame!” or so would say Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Moses too.

Secular humanists, who grieve with us over Notre Dame’s burning because of great historical and artistic treasures lost, would do well to join us in also reflecting on the cathedral’s conflagration, if not a message from God, then as symbolic of the destruction of Christianity — the greatest treasure of Western Civilization.

Read the original article in its entirety here