MIxTRAC: White Nationalists Launch New Website for “Eco Fascist Order,” Multiple Explosive Devices Sent to Prominent Democrats

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The information, data and findings from the below brief was collected by and sourced from TRAC: Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, in partnership with the Mackenzie Institute. Please click here to visit TRAC.

White Nationalists Launch New Website for “Eco Fascist Order,” Multiple Explosive Devices Sent to Prominent Democrats

White Nationalist Group, “Pine Tree Gang,” Launch New Website and Blog for “Eco Fascist Order” (22 October, 2018)

On October 20 2018, the Pine Tree Gang (PTG) announced the launch of a new website called the “Eco Fascist Order”. Essentially, it is an organization formed by some of the most prominent Pine Tree Gang and The Northwestern Front (NWF) members to recruit like-minded white nationalists to a cause that is both Fascist and Eco-friendly. Both PTG and NWF are proponents of the theory that there is a home for the white race in a place called “Cascadia,” which is supposedly located in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and western Montana in the United States. They believe that Cascadia is the White Ethnostate of the future; a pure, untouched, exclusively white homeland.

The Eco Fascist Order is not merely a group of white nationalists seeking to create their own nation, they are also anti-globalists who wish to live as primitivists. Because the concept of Cascadia is so important, their ideology is wrapped around warped ideas of fascism and nature mutating together into the ultimate White Ethnostate. By combining the ideologies of Communism, White Nationalism and “Eco-Fascism”, the Eco Fascist Order” website hope to entice new members, by offering basic survivalist skills and a promise of self defence. Members believe that the current state of affairs worldwide is corrupted by materialism to the core; so broken that it cannot be fixed by any mainstream methods such as through organized and lawful protest, and as a result a violent revolution is required.

Part of the “Fashwave” Neo-Nazi / White Nationalist / White Genocide ideology is preparing for what they perceive to be an inevitable Doomsday. In most cases, Neo-Nazi / White Nationalist / White Genocide ideologues wish to hasten this Armageddon and thus launch a revolution such that the White Ethnostate will become a reality in their lifetimes. Abiding by the current status quo of multiculturalism and inclusion in western society is unacceptable in their worldview. Secessionists at their core, they want to see the United States break up into separate countries. Because of this, they prepare for the fall of said government.


“Our demand is simple. Step away from our forests. The rape of our soil in the name of profit will be tolerated no longer”



Multiple Explosive Devices Sent Through Mail to Prominent Democrats, CNN Headquarters in Apparent Domestic Terrorism Incident (24 October, 2018)

Over the course of 72 hours, a total of 12 mysterious packages were discovered mailed to various influential members in the Democratic party. It should be noted at the time of this writing that the bombers’ motivations for sending the IEDs remains unclear. The obvious common thread between all the targets is their liberal viewpoints, and vocal criticism of the Trump Presidency. The fact that 3 of the 7 original suspicious packages contained no IED but had the same appearance as the others, suggests two different assailants: one who is able to manufacture IEDs (albeit in a limited capacity); the other acting principally to instil fear by mimicking the packages with actual IEDs. After being processed through a mail facility Opa-locka, in Miami-Dade County, authorities believe that at least some of the packages were mailed from southern Florida.

In a statement by the NYPD chief of counterterrorism, the devices were sent to a CNN building, the Clintons, George Soros and former President Barack Obama were likely sent by the same individual. The first packaged IED sent to Soros was described as being constructed from a six inch pipe filled with explosive powder. The package bomb sent to a CNN office in the Time Warner Center was described as “constructed with a pipe and wires.” Identical packages sent to Robert De Niro and former Vice-President Joe Biden can be seen at the bottom of the entry.

Note: A number of the parcels were marked with the return address of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democratic politician.

In a strange development, what appears to be an Islamic State flag or a similar looking design is embossed onto the primitive device sent to CNN. However, the image is actually a parody that uses the catch phrase of famous comedian, Larry the Cable Guy, ‘get ‘er done’. The parody flag dates back to the beginning of the Caliphate – c. 2014.

The FBI confirmed two additional packages similar in appearance to the other suspicious packages were mailed to Democratic Representative Maxine Waters of California: one to her offices in Washington D.C. and the other to California. The package sent to the offices in Los Angeles was described as “capable of exploding under the right circumstances”; it is unclear what was contained in package mailed to the D.C. offices. Another package containing an IED was discovered mis-addressed to former Vice-President Joe Biden in Delaware.

On 25 October 2018, the 11th suspicious package containing an IED was found at Robert De Niro’s Production Building in the Tribeca neighbourhood of New York City. Images of the package sent to De Niro and Biden can be seen at the bottom of the entry but are identical to the packages sent to CNN’s New York offices. Xray examinations confirm that both packages contained pipe bombs.


Above: Device delivered to CNN, next to its envelope. What appears to be the IS flag is visible on the bomb.


Above: Image of the envelope delivered to CNN HQ, which prompted an evacuation.


Above: Another image of the CNN device, described as ‘crude, but functional’ by the NYPD.

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The above has been compiled by Alexander Sawicki, an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of History at Ryerson University, specializing in the interplay between technological innovation, warfare, and social change throughout history. He was formerly a Research Analyst for the NATO Association of Canada (NAOC), where he published articles that dealt with cybersecurity, US-Russia relations, and Canadian Military Procurement. You can find Alexander on LinkedIn.