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November 30, 2017: “Positioning for Peace Preservation: The New Form of Peacekeeping” Conference

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For the past three decades, the Mackenzie Institute has been providing expert commentary on security matters relevant to Canadian citizens and leaders in a global context.

The character of war and peace is changing with the international community moving towards an era of persistent competition and conflict. Can there really be peace in the face of sophisticated Information, Cyber, and Asymmetric operations? Is there a way for kinetic war to be preempted by positioning a nation’s security resources and military force for peace. Is ‘forward deployment’ today’s ‘positioning for peace’ or just preparation for war?

Join the Institute on Thursday November 30, 2017 at the Royal Canadian Military Institute for a full-day conference sponsored by the Department of National Defense that will explore these and other questions in an effort to better understand future conflict and help define Canada’s role as a key international player in the future security environment.

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements, and see the poster above for a full list of current speakers and event information.

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