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The Langley Hope Academic Excellence in Security and Defense Commentary Award Programme | Contest Guidelines

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Student Award for Writing Excellence

With generous support from the Hope Academic Achievement Program, The Mackenzie Institute would like to introduce a new “Student Award for Writing Excellence.”

As part of our mandate, the Institute supports education and student engagement; we support the pursuit of excellence in the areas of Defence Policy, Terrorism & Organized Crime, Cyber Security, and, Social Instability, Migration & Conflict.

The award will be offered yearly to four undergraduate students and one graduate student who submit professional quality academic papers on a topic that relates to the subject matter priorities of The Mackenzie Institute. Submissions must adhere to our publication guidelines as outlined below:

The Mackenzie Institute welcomes the submission of articles on topics of broad significance to the Canadian community including, but not limited to: terrorism, propaganda, revolution, security, defence policy, strategic issues, doctrine, operations, force structures, the application of technology, equipment procurement, military history, leadership, training and military ethics. Forward-looking pieces, which present original concepts or new ideas, new approaches to old problems, and fresh interpretation, are especially welcome.

We need original, well-written, researched, referenced articles in either journalistic or academic style. All references must be formatted in Chicago Style, and submissions should not exceed 6,000 words.

All work must be original and the author’s own. 

The writing awards will be in the amount of $650 each for undergraduates and $1,150 each for graduates and will be presented by Ms. Langley Hope, the principal benefactor of the award. Selected papers will be professionally published on our website and shared on social media. All submissions will be reviewed by an expert panel, and all results are final and non-appealable.

Please submit your paper and CV to: no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on April 27, 2018. 

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