Dr. Shawna Coxon: Sources of International and Domestic Concern (Fraudulent Aspects)

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Above, Dr. Shawna Coxon discusses sources of international and domestic concern in the realm of cyber-security at our conference, “Cyber Resilience: A Holographic Perspective on Continuing Threats and Potential Solutions,” held on October 25, 2016 at Massey College at the University of Toronto. 

Dr. Shawna Coxon is an Inspector with the Toronto Police Services (TPS) and is in her 20th year of policing. She is currently working in Strategy Management on the Transformational Task Force, which is working to modernize the TPS. Prior to that, she was the second in charge of Intelligence Services, which included both cyber and technological crime. She implemented the inaugural Computer Cyber Crime (C3) Section of the TPS, which was one of many cyber-outcomes from her work as the Team Leader of Operation Reboot. This was a Service-wide initiative addressing social media, open source investigative techniques, training, technology procurement, and cyber-related threats and opportunities.

Coxon has had a diverse career: some areas of highlight include her work in vice, youth crime, child abuse, sex crimes, human rights, professional standards, community response, and intelligence analysis. She has won numerous awards; however, the accolades she remains most proud of are the letters of appreciation from the communities she has helped improve and the victims for whom she has worked diligently.

Coxon has a BA with honours in Psychology from York University, a MA in Criminology from the University of Toronto, and her PhD in Criminal Law from Leicester University. She is also a published academic who has lectured internationally.