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The Arab Countries: At A Glance

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 width=Nearly three decades ago, immediately after the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein, United States Congress member (later Presidential candidate) Paul Simon sought the opinion of Dr. Jawad M. Hashim on how he saw the Middle East post-Gulf War. Dr. Hashim provided Mr. Simon his written opinion in, The Shape Of The Post Gulf War, Middle-East, which became part of US Congressional Record. Part of this written opinion dealt with the background of the Arab region. What follows is an extract of that paper, titled, The Arab Countries: At A Glance. Much of what was described three decades ago as characteristics of the Arab countries still apply now at present time.

Read and download Dr. Hashim’s paper in its entirety here.

Dr. Jawad M. Hashim was born in Iraq in 1938. After earning a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Economics and Statistics from the London School of Economics, he was appointed Minister of National Economic Planning in 1968, and later served as Minister of Planning, and Presidential Adviser reporting directly to Saddam Hussein from 1968 until 1977. Dr. Hashim has held many positions including: President of the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF); member of The Group of Thirty (G3O) of International and Monetary Affairs; a member of the Study Group on Energy and World Economy; and a member of the United Nations (UNITAR) Panel of Eminent Persons.