Ambassador Henry F. Cooper on the Weakness of the North American Electric Grid

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Above, Ambassador Henry F. Cooper’s keynote address at our recent conference “Cyber Resilience: A Holographic Perspective on Continuing Threats and Potential Solutions”.

Ambassador Henry F. Cooper is Chairman of the Board of Directors of High Frontier, Chairman Emeritus of Applied Research Associates, and previously served as Senior Associate of the National Institute for National Policy and Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Since 1979, he has been appointed by the President to service in the Office of the Secretary Keynote Speech: The North American Electric Grid and its Weaknesses of the Air Force with oversight responsibility for Air Force strategic and space systems; Assistant Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, backstopping all bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union; Ambassador and Chief U.S. Negotiator at the Geneva Defense and Space Talks with the Soviet Union; and Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). In early 1990, he led a Presidentially mandated independent review of the SDI program and associated national and arms control policy, and recommended SDI be redirected to support a Global Protection Against Limited Strikes (GPALS) mission, which was adopted by the Bush Administration. He has been a member or chair of numerous technical working groups and high level advisory boards—including the Defense Science Board, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, U.S. Strategic Command’s Strategic Advisory Group, the Defense Nuclear Agency’s Scientific Advisory Group on Effects, and a Congressional Commission to assess the U.S. government’s organization and programs to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. In the private sector, he taught Engineering Mechanics at Clemson University, and worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories, the Air Force Weapons Laboratory, R&D Associates, and JAYCOR. He holds BS and MS degrees from Clemson University and a PhD from New York University, all in Mechanical Engineering

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