October 25, 2016: “Cyber Resilience: A Holographic Perspective on Continuing Threats and Potential Solutions”

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Cyber systems serve operational purposes that ultimately support achievement of economic and social well-being. The consequence of a failed cyber system, such as its impact and degree of threat to society, should dictate the level and sophistication of the security needed to protect it. With this assessment, we can decide which systems must be fail-safe and which can be safe to fail, knowing that they can be restored to the required performance level in required time. Therefore, we need to consider the cyber consequences on certain operations, not simply pursue the ability to defend against all threats at all times.

Finance and energy are essential critical infrastructure ensuring the functionality of everything from international trade settlements to point of sale technology to our hospitals to our power grids. Without fully functioning financial and energy systems, transportation, food, health and water systems also fail. Without effective organic security, the reliability of these vital networks will be compromised, undermining confident economic interaction and potentially the security of the state.

How do we address cyber risk organically, now and in the future? How do we make our financial systems, healthcare facilities and security apparatus more resilient? Our panel of experts will address these challenges at the Mackenzie Institute’s cyber resilience conference on October 25, 2016.

The conference will be chaired by The Hon. Ron Atkey, PC, QC.

For a full program and complete list of speakers, please click here. Registration information can be found on our Eventbrite page.