Op-ed: Trudeau’s Multiculturalism!

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Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is building his legacy as the Western leader who promotes Islam as compatible with Western secular societies [1] and opens the door for massive Muslim immigration. In my opinion, this agenda of Mr. Trudeau and his government might be exploited by radicals to destabilize both the US and Canada and that Canada may develop into a security threat for the US.

One of the centre pieces of the Trudeau Liberals’ policies is its agenda regarding refugees, immigration and citizenship. Space doesn’t allow me to enumerate but it has raised concerns of many people including the Americans. The rapid influx of so-called refugees (perhaps as many as 20,000 are pre-qualified immigrants included in the 25,000 total to make the numbers and timing look good) out of camps in Lebanon is causing some angst because of the manner in which this operation is being carried out. Cost estimates to the Canadian taxpayer are already spiraling out of control and the budget deficit is doubling and tripling as I write this.

Canada is a multicultural society made up of many expatriates from troubled areas who came to Canada to escape tribalism and medieval cultures as well as threats to their personal freedom and safety.

In Canada, we see a government that appears to be encouraging the kind of cultural changes and the promotion of ideologies that many who fled communism, dictatorship regimes, and escaped Sharia law ruled by Islamic constitutional regimes and find it very threatening and hoped to never experience ever again. Changes to the immigration laws definitely pose a threat to women and allow the possibility of abuses and loopholes that the former Conservative government had been trying to close.

Changes to citizenship laws also invite abuses to family reunification laws and security: reopening Iran’s embassy and allowing their diplomats and spies to enter Canada, where they have political immunity and will walk freely in our communities, whereas in the past they had created an atmosphere of horror and fear among the Iranian Canadian nationals;  Canada normalizing relations with the current regime in Iran without regard to their daily human-rights violations, executions of juveniles and sponsorship of state terrorism throughout the middle east – disregarding international law violations and the welfare of Iran’s own population and those in it seeking reforms and greater freedoms – not to mention the fact that their embassy opens a door to infiltration of Canada’s own security apparatus.[2] [3] Canada, likewise is increasing its support of terrorist states and abandoning those who are looking to Canada – like Egypt and Israel.

With Mr. Trudeau opening the floodgates to those whose politics clash with liberal democracies and whose stated purpose is to change our way of life rooted in a Christian Judeo heritage, Canadians are rightly concerned about the impact and possibility of 50,000 people bringing their old way of life and the grievances associated with it to this relatively peaceful freedom-loving nation – especially when as many as 94% of refugees prefer to stay in their own country and Canada can support 12 refugees in Lebanon for the same cost as they can support one refugee in Canada.

Americans, too, are concerned about the Canadian border and the fact that the rapid citizenship process will allow many of these ‘refugees’ to cross into the United States with a simple visa or in some cases no visa.

Mr. Trudeau is also introducing the hated Carbon Tax which cost them a previous election and will cost Canadians the loss of jobs and lowering family income – affecting low income earners the worst.

Trudeau Liberal government is also trying to stop the sorely needed Canadian east, west and south gas/oil pipelines, relying on unethical oil from Saudi Arabia on its east coast and cutting off increased exports via US and British Columbia routes. This has depressed an industry which affects 40% of Canada’s resources and thousands of jobs. The pipeline could add billions to Canada’s economy and change the whole economic picture for Canadians for decades to come – also making Canada more energy efficient and independent.

Mr. Trudeau has been called Canada’s Obama for his lack of experience, socialist philosophy and tendency to circumvent parliamentary debate and approval of the representatives of the people of Canada. His father’s legacy was tax-and-spend putting Canada into the highest debt in history (similar to Obama), from which we have never recovered. Trudeau junior hasn’t fallen far from the tree. His compiled debt will be left to future generations yet unborn to pay – and already Canadians pay a third of their taxes in interest towards the national and provincial debt and that’s at a low debt interest rate. We could well go the way of Greece if interest rates rise.

This short space doesn’t permit me to list the litany of damaging and dangerous activities this government is bent on undertaking so this will have to do for starters.

Trudeau’s multiculturalism – opportunity or threat?

In addition to the urgent political and economic issues, President Obama may want to discuss with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the ramifications of the accelerated multiculturalism in Canada to the security of the US.

In a video message to the annual Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Mr. Trudeau said: “The Reviving the Islamic Spirit [RIS] convention… is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance. The work you do in communities across the country is what builds the and strengthens our multicultural fabric.” [4]

Trudeau has won the hearts and minds of Canadian Muslims by joining the ‘maghrib’ prayer in Ramadan, defending women’s right to wear the niqab, portraying the Islamic values as Canadian, opening Canada’s doors to massive Muslim immigration and stating that his mission is to educate Canadians that Islam is compatible with Western secular societies like Canada. No wonder he was called by leading Canadian imam al-Janashi of our era.[5]

American lawmakers are worried. Trudeau’s policy is being interpreted as gullible, mistaken and a golden opportunity for the radical Islamic movements to change the face of Canada forever. Trudeau fails to read the writing on the wall and the American signals. He will probably be asked to answer tough questions.

As to what Mr. Obama might suggest to Mr. Trudeau regarding his Canadian opponents; “do what I do – use executive privilege and ignore the constitution”, in Canada that amounts to greater powers than the monarchy since even the monarchy can’t interfere with parliament.

It appears that the Trudeau liberals neither like free speech or freedom of press nor wish to consult the public on policies they are rapidly changing. Would they soon try to silence the voice of the people? As a Canadian from Iranian origin, I feel I have lost my Canadian identity since Mr. Trudeau won his majority Liberal regime in Canada.