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World Tamil Movement (WTM)

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The World Tamil Movement (WTM) is an inactive organization that was created in 1986 in Canada. The WTM was believed to be the leading fundraiser for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and was officially banned by the Federal Government in 2008. Following an RCMP investigation, the government declared it would seize all of WTM’s assets and it would be illegal for Canadians to help the group, including offering financial assistance. The government stated that evidence was “beyond reasonable” and “definitely sufficient” to prove that the group was supporting a known terrorist organization in Sri Lanka.

The WTM openly declared it shared LTTE’s nationalist ideology which has lead to violent terrorism in Sri Lanka. The group was instrumental in providing funds to the LTTE for their terrorism campaign across Sri Lanka and India which resulted in the deaths of approximately 70,000 people. WTM is known to have extorted, intimidated and received funds from Canadian Tamil populations in order to send money to the terrorist organization.


Updated on January 21, 2016.