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Islamic State Algeria (ISA)

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Alternative Names:

Islamic State Algeria, ISA, Jund al-Khilafa, Jound al-Khalifah fi Ard al-Jazayer, Djound Al-Khalifa, Soldiers of the Caliphate of Algeria


Algeria, Tunisia


ISA was founded in September 2014 by Abdulmalik Suleiman Abu Gori (Gouri Abdelmalek). In December 2014, Gouri was killed by Algerian military forces. Several other ISA commanders were killed in a subsequent military raid roughly five months later.


ISA is a splinter group from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) that has pledged loyalty to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its leader Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi.

Major Attacks:

April 2014: Jund al-Khilafa ambushed an Algerian military convoy, which killed 11 personnel.

September 2014: ISA captured and beheaded a French hostage, Herve Gourdel.

Ideological Roots:

The group traces its ideological roots to the Salafi movement, which is an ultra-conservative reform movement within Sunni Islam.


ISA’s radical ideology is consistent with that of ISIS. ISA seeks to topple the government of Algeria and replace it with an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law.


Firearm attacks, low-intensity bombings, and kidnapping.

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