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Highlights of 2015

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Dear Friends of the Mackenzie Institute:

It’s the end of the year – but our work to keep you and your family secure is never over.

The Institute has expanded greatly this year with our public education, commentary, research and  experts from across the globe to help you better understand defence, terrorism, resilience and cyber security issues.

Here are some highlights from this past year:

March – Vice-Chair Brian Hay and former General Manager Andrew Majoran addressed The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security – Assessment of Bill C-51.

March – The Mackenzie Institute convened a well-attended conference at Queen’s University in Kingston on “Other People’s Wars: Foreign Fighters & Radicalization from a Canadian Perspective”.

April – Former GM, Andrew Majoran, presented at the Counter-Terror Expo in London, UK titled “Wolves Among Us: The Dangers of Lone Wolf Terrorism”.

June – The Institute attended the “Canadian Conference on the Kurdish Humanitarian Crisis” in Toronto.

June – Former GM, Andrew Majoran, delivered a presentation on “Lone Wolf Terrorism” at the 25th annual World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto.

July – General Manager, Kyla Cham represented the Institute at the 10th anniversary of the GLOBSEC Global Security Forum in Bratislava. GLOBESEC is the largest foreign policy and security conference in Central Europe and in the top five of its kind in the world.

October – A two-day conference on “Resilient Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Security” was held at the University of Toronto.

October – Launch of our Security Matters magazine with professional commentaries on significant Canadian and global security issues. The initial circulation focused on direct mail and electronic delivery to senior officials in defence, military, police and civic positions nationwide. Look for future issues of Security Matters on our website.

October – James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, visited us in Toronto to discuss the Iran Deal, as well as the threat of EMP. His media interviews included CTV Canada AM, National Post, Toronto Sun and The Rebel Media.

November – The Institute attended the NATO Association of Canada’s “Global Defence and Security Challenges” conference in Ottawa.

As we look forward to 2016, the Institute will continue to provide you with relevant articles, videos and expert commentary on security matters. We appreciate your continual support and donations.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

The Mackenzie Institute’s Board of Governors and Staff