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A Wounded Stork

By April 12, 2007 No Comments

Trust George Jonas to always rapidly engage your attention in a few seconds. The prolific columnist and seasoned commentator has released a compendium on his observations on Islam and the crisis of our times. Reflections on Islam (Key Porter Books, Toronto, 2007) contains many of his pieces from the National Post over the last six years.

For a true gentleman, George has a habit of getting many of his readers (including me) to a boiling point fairly quickly – not so much for his commentary, but rather for what he has observed. Even in the introduction, I was infuriated to learn that Professor Daniel Pipes was advised by a Toronto police office on hate crime before being allowed to address an audience at York University – thanks to the complaints of the yahoos and hooligans of the Agitprop-rent-a-mob and Palestinian ‘student’ activists who threatened violence if he spoke. This is a book that can leave you pacing the carpet…