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A Rage Against the Dying of the Light?

By July 6, 2006 No Comments

One of the most courageous journalists to ever grace Italy, Oriana Fallaci, wrote an extremely provocative book about Islamofascism in 2002. The Rage and the Pride was a call to arms for the Western world to see to its protection. The next two years brought her nothing but grief from the so-called peace movement, the Inquisitors of Political Correctness, and sundry other intellectual quislings (her term but worth reviving); it also emboldened Jihadis and their supporters to attack her.

Fallaci’s answer to these howls of abuse and attempted persecutions is The Force of Reason (Rizzoli International Publications, New York, 2006). Fallaci’s frustration in her role in Cassandra is real, but the threat to civilization and the future of humanity is real too. For after all, what do the Islamofascists and the quislings (“the Ward Churchills, the Noam Chomskys, the Louis Farrakhans, the Michael Moores, their accomplices, and the domestic traitors who sell us to the enemy”) represent but a sustained attack on all the institutions and the heritage of the West itself?

This is not a passionate cry of ‘I’m a victim, defend me!’ but one of ‘Look to your safety, defend yourselves!’ It remains to be seen how many will rally to it.