Notes from All Over

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Scattered here and there around the world are a tiny gatherings of elderly hard-line Communists who still refuse to admit that the USSR is gone. One such group, the Party of Communists (Bolsheviks) of Ukraine, decided to recreate the “Medal of Stalin”. They periodically announce awards of this honor to those who meet with their approval. A recently published tally of medal recipients (and their titles) includes:

  • Saddam Hussein, Leader of the Iraq Socialist Republic
  • Kim Jong II, Leader of Korean Workers Party and leader of North Korea
  • Dzamil Kadri, Secretary of the Syrian Communist Party
  • Muamar Khaddafi, Leader of the Libyan. Socialist Dzhamukhurii
  • Branko Kitanovich, General Secretary of the Communist party of Yugoslavia
  • Michael Lucas, Editor, of the Canadian based North Star Compass Journal Chairman of Organizing Committee for an International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People
  • Ludo Martens, Leader of the Belgian Workers Party
  • P.C. Milosevic, Member of the Central Committee, Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  • Abdula Ocalan, Leader of the Kurdish Workers Party (and jailbird)
  • Aleko Papariga, General Secretary of the Greek Communist Party
  • A.P. Rubiks, First Secretary of the Latvian Communist Party
  • Fidel Castro Rus [sic], Leader of the Cuban Revolution and its Communist Party

An interesting Honour List and we congratulate Mr. Lucas for being in such distinguished company.