Whatever does this all Mean?

By January 14, 1999 No Comments

One Friend of the Institute spends some of her leisure time casually perusing government accounts — regardless of the danger of apoplexy. This is an interesting past-time that many more citizens should adopt (if healthy enough to withstand the aggravation). It can lead one to interesting findings such as these ones under the 1996/97 report of Secretary of State Grants.

  • Here is a grant to the Cross Cultural Learning Centre, London for $175,757.
  • And … here is a grant to the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre for $266,391 (Settlement and Adaptation)
  • Er, what about this one to the Cross Cultural Learning Centre, London for $261,696 as a part of the LINC Program.
  • And finally, there is this one to The London Cross Cultural Learner of $246,887 for the same program.

Three names, three programs, four grants …. and $950,731 all for one group. Hmmm ….

By the way, annual Secretary of State Grants to the Mackenzie Institute have amounted to $0.00, every year since 1986.