Didn’t You Just Know it…

By October 2, 1998 No Comments
For those of you who have long harboured suspicions about the 1991-95 Ontario government, here is the former Speaker of the Ontario Legislature getting all excited during his August 1998 visit to Cuba.
David Warner had this to say:
“No one is better at turning dreams into reality than Cubans . … Cuba is important to Canada for its example of how to ca;e and share, and of how to involve the ordinary citizen in the development of society. That’s a great lesson for Canada. There are the ordinary things of trade – the excellent coffee, the world’s best rum and cigars – but far more important are the lessons in humanity and civility which Cuba offers.”
Warner was a delegate of the Canada-Cuba Friendship Association at the Cuba-Canada Meeting of Friendship and Solidarity in Havana in August 1998. His remarks are drawn from an article in the September 1998 People’s Voice, the official organ of the remains of the Communist Party of Canada.
It is refreshing to note that the long tradition of vision-impaired political pilgrims continues. It is also delightful to note that the chances of this fellow being part of a government again are slim. It may, however, be of little comfort to know he is teaching in a Toronto-area high school.