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November 16, 2017: “Money Laundering, Cryptocurrencies & Cyber-Security” Conference


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For the past three decades, the Mackenzie Institute has been providing expert commentary on security matters relevant to Canadian citizens and leaders in a global context.

While cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have been hailed as the future global currency, there is mounting evidence that they are being used by cyber-criminals to transfer, extort and launder money gained from illicit activities, as well as by radical extremists to finance terrorist acts.

Join the Institute for a full day conference on November 16, 2017 at the Albany Club to hear the top experts in their field tell us what criminal behaviour is occurring daily around the world, what strategies and tools are being employed to identify these threats, and how we can protect our corporate and personal accounts from being hacked for fun and profit with cryptocurrency conversion.

Among our esteemed speakers include:

Diane Francis: Canadian-American award-winning columnist, bestselling author, journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur. Current Editor-At-Large at the National Post.

Gene McLean: Member of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), former Vice President & Chief Security Officer for TELUS Corp., and currently Managing Director, Investigations of Cytelligence, cyber-security firm.

Cynthia Ayers: Current candidate for the US Senate, former NSA contractor, and consultant with the Mission Command and Cyber Division of the Center for Strategic Leadership & Development, US Army War College.

Anthony Furey: National columnist for the Sun newspapers chain, and author of the book “Pulse Attack: The Real Story Behind the Secret Weapon that can Destroy North America.”

Stay tuned for more speaker announcements, and see the poster above for a full list of current speakers and event information.

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