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Canada’s Army Reserves “Understaffed & Under-equipped”: Attorney General

Canada’s army reserve is lacking soldiers, equipment and training.

According to the 2016 Spring Report of the Auditor General of Canada the country’s army reserve is in trouble. Michael Ferguson’s latest audit includes a detailed examination of the problems faced by the military’s part-time branch. In “Report 5 – Canadian Army Reserve – National Defence”, Army Reserve soldiers are said to be “essential to the Canadian Army’s ability to conduct international missions.”

However, the findings reveal that the Reserves are understaffed and under-equipped. (There are currently 21,000 positions, yet only 13,944 reservists are considered active and ready for service.) The audit also discovered reservists are quitting at a faster rate than they can be replaced –  and they are leaving after completing their training, taking valuable skills with them.

“This audit focused on the ability of National Defence to organize, train, and equip its Army Reserve soldiers and units so that they are prepared to deploy as part of an integrated Canadian Army.”

To read the full report click here.

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